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This is the documentation page for Module:SDcat

Module to check whether local short description matches that on Wikidata

setCat has the qid of a Wikidata entity passed as |qid= (it defaults to the associated qid of the current article if omitted) and the local short description passed as |sd= It returns a category if there is an associated Wikidata entity.

It returns one of the following tracking categories, as appropriate:

  • Category:Short description matches Wikidata (case-insensitive)
  • Category:Short description is different from Wikidata
  • Category:Short description with empty Wikidata description

For testing purposes, a link prefix |lp= may be set to ":" to make the categories visible.


From within a template
{{SDcat |sd={{{shortdescription|}}} }}
{{#invoke:SDcat |setCat |sd={{{shortdescription|}}} }}

Template:SDcat is a wrapper for this module.

From another module
sdcat = require("Module:SDcat")._setCat
local tracking_cat = sdcat(shortdesc, itemID)

For testing

{{#invoke:SDcat |setCat |qid={{get QID|Douglas Adams}}|sd=English author and humorist (1952–2001) |lp=":"}}

A few examples of tests are at Module talk:SDcat