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This is the documentation page for Module:Mapframe

On English Wikipedia, this module is called by {{Maplink}}, see that template's documentation for usage instructions.


Standard usage
Just use {{Maplink}}, which passes its parameters to this module's main function.
From another module
  1. Import this module, e.g. local mf = require('Module:Mapframe')
  2. Pass a table of parameter names/values to the _main function. See {{Maplink}} documentation for parameter names and descriptions. E.g. local mapframe = mf._main(parameters)
  3. Preprocess _main's output before returning it, e.g. return frame:preprocess(mapframe)

Set up on another wiki

  1. Create template and module:
    • Import this module and its template to that wiki (or copy the code over, giving attribution in the edit summary). Optionally, give them a name that makes sense in that wiki's language
    • On Wikidata, add them to the items (Q52554979) and (Q27882107)
  2. Localise the module
    • Edit the top bits of the module, between the comments -- ##### Localisation (L10n) settings ##### and -- #### End of L10n settings ####, replacing values between " " symbols with local values (when necessary)
  3. Add documentation
    • to the template (e.g. by translating Template:Maplink/doc, adjusting as necessary per any localisations made in the previous step)
    • to the module (please transfer/translate these instructions so that wikimedians who read your wiki but not the English Wikipedia can also set up the module and template on another wiki).