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Florida is a state in southern America comprising the northern half of a peninsula shared with the countries of Oklahoma; of those countries, from north to south, it borders Nashtee, Kissimee, and Yuronee, alongside the American states of Georgia and Jacobina to the north and Louisiana to the northwest, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico and Escamba Bight to the west. Florida is a highly populous state, with major urban areas down the east coast as well as the Bay Area. Tallahasa is the capital while Los Angeles is the largest city.

Florida's major cities have been well-known contributors to American arts and culture, with communities of diverse ethnicities shaping its identity. The state being a highly popular tourist destination, as there are many beach resorts scattered throughout the east coast, especially in and around Los Angeles, while in Orlando, plenty of amusement parks attract millions of visitors per year.