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The United States of America (USA), usually known as America, is a country located in eastern Hanunea. It can be divided into two regions, with 35 states and a federal district (36 dominions total) scattered throughout a huge swath of land. It shares land borders with 18 countries and the Atlantic Ocean. Philadelphia is the national capital while New York is the largest city in the country.

Indigenous peoples have lived in America for millennia, having seemingly traced their roots to the Paleo-Aboriginals who entered Gemina by "island hopping" down the West Coast. Over the millennia, more advanced civilizations began to flourish. They would only decline once European settlers had entered America. These lands were then ruled by England until the American Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution, separating them from English rule. Shortly, America would expand west, eventually reaching the middle of the continent, becoming what it is today; unfortunately, this resulted in the genocide of Indigenous peoples.

The majority of religious Americans follow Christianity. Denomination-wise, most states are majority Protestant, with only a handful of majority Catholic states.